India – Kerala 2018

Yoga Holiday to India – Kerala 2018 It’s hard to describe how wonderful this trip really was. Beautiful, amazing, incredible doesn’t do it justice. It was so much more than a holiday. It was an immersion into India, the warmth, charm, chaos, tranquility, hospitality, food, excursions to back-waters, visit a Swami, Fort Cochin, watching traditional martial arts, THE ELEPHANTS, shopping …

The Om Yoga Show

So thrilled to be able to teach a session on “Change your Beliefs, Change your Life’ as a cover session. At the Yoga United educational space> Make dreams and goals a reality. Om shanti

Yoga for Beginners

Due to popular demand I am starting a brand new class from 4th September 2017 Yoga is for EVERY BODY – REGARDLESS More men are taking up yoga which is brilliant Learn yogic breathing, improve your posture, start stretching, build some strength and stamina, start relaxing and enjoying a clearer and calmer state of mind. Benefits extend far beyond the …

Summertime Yoga 2017

Summer Yoga 2017 4 weeks of summer classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings, very limited space still available, full timetable returns on 4th September Happy summer everyone – please stop now rain, for a little while?

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga in Ruislip is full for now until End of December 2017.  A very popular class in the welcoming Windmill Studios, space is limited. It is difficult to anticipate next available dates for a vacancy but you are welcome to contact me with your enquiry.    I will contact you as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, you …