India – Kerala 2018

Yoga Holiday to India – Kerala 2018

It’s hard to describe how wonderful this trip really was. Beautiful, amazing, incredible doesn’t do it justice.

It was so much more than a holiday. It was an immersion into India, the warmth, charm, chaos, tranquility, hospitality, food, excursions to back-waters, visit a Swami, Fort Cochin, watching traditional martial arts, THE ELEPHANTS, shopping and shopping oh yeah and the yoga.

Our yoga hall was like a cool cocoon for morning and afternoon practice. A dynamic morning practice and more pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation for the evening – opening the doors to the sunset and the sound of the ocean very close by. Then heading to the beach to watch the sunset, some of us in the ocean every evening. We learned some chants, a Chandra Namaskar, but more than anything we enjoyed the much needed time with ourselves. To feel, to breath, to relax, to let go, to go deeper and to allow our .
Our farewells were emotional after friendships, sunsets, breakfasts and dinners and Indian experiences were shared together. A truly memorable and heart filling adventure.
Some of us travelled on afterwards, some headed north and a group of us to the East coast to explore temples and ancient monuments dating to the 6th century. Donna and myself did a little stone carving which we both loved and we all shopped till we needed another piece of luggage to bring our Indian bounty home.

Thank you all each and everyone of you that trusted and believed and was up for the adventure with me.


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