Om Yoga Show 2018

Om Yoga Show 2018 Super delighted to be invited to share two yoga sessions on ‘Building Strength’.   Postures/movement/asana to strengthen our body, pranayama to help clear our minds and we worked on rewiring our brains and strengthening our self=belief with the help of a Yoga Sankalpa.  Group asana reinforced that we need to seek out our tribe, supportive friends and …

Summer Yoga – 2018

Come along for three weeks of summer yoga in the heart of Uxbridge. The stunning Christ Church Chapel, with its huge wooden pyramid ceiling! Monday evenings 6pm and 7.45pm classes Tuesday evenings 6.45pm. Pre-booking advisable – please email me ‘ to reserve and place or book in class.  

India – Kerala 2018

Yoga Holiday to India – Kerala 2018 It’s hard to describe how wonderful this trip really was. Beautiful, amazing, incredible doesn’t do it justice. It was so much more than a holiday. It was an immersion into India, the warmth, charm, chaos, tranquility, hospitality, food, excursions to back-waters, visit a Swami, Fort Cochin, watching traditional martial arts, THE ELEPHANTS, shopping …

The Om Yoga Show

So thrilled to be able to teach a session on “Change your Beliefs, Change your Life’ as a cover session. At the Yoga United educational space> Make dreams and goals a reality. Om shanti

Yoga for Beginners

Due to popular demand I am starting a brand new class from 4th September 2017 Yoga is for EVERY BODY – REGARDLESS More men are taking up yoga which is brilliant Learn yogic breathing, improve your posture, start stretching, build some strength and stamina, start relaxing and enjoying a clearer and calmer state of mind. Benefits extend far beyond the …