The Om Yoga Show

So thrilled to be able to teach a session on “Change your Beliefs, Change your Life’ as a cover session. At the Yoga United educational space> Make dreams and goals a reality. Om shanti

Yoga for Beginners

Due to popular demand I am starting a brand new class from 4th September 2017 Yoga is for EVERY BODY – REGARDLESS More men are taking up yoga which is brilliant Learn yogic breathing, improve your posture, start stretching, build some strength and stamina, start relaxing and enjoying a clearer and calmer state of mind. Benefits extend far beyond the …

Summertime Yoga 2017

Summer Yoga 2017 4 weeks of summer classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings, very limited space still available, full timetable returns on 4th September Happy summer everyone – please stop now rain, for a little while?

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga in Ruislip is full for now until End of December 2017.  A very popular class in the welcoming Windmill Studios, space is limited. It is difficult to anticipate next available dates for a vacancy but you are welcome to contact me with your enquiry.    I will contact you as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, you …


Thank you card, home baked muffins and chocolate gifts this week from students, I love my job!

Sharing the Love

£265 raised this week in class with donations from students and class takings all for the wonderful cause to go towards offering more 1:1 yoga for children with special needs ??? Giving from the heart and sharing the joys of yoga! The Mahadevi Yoga Centre on the Holloway Road, North London offers training ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ and is …