Adaptive Yoga

This central Uxbridge Adaptive Yoga class, based in the welcoming Christ Church Chapel, has been running for the local community since 2007 and with myself teaching from January 2010. Christ Church offers excellent facilities and is wheelchair friendly. Only £4 a class.

Absolutely everyone is welcome, regardless, to come along to this class as we all focus on adapting traditional movements and postures of yoga for all abilities, with a healthy attitude towards what we can do.

Suitable for anyone who is a wheelchair user, has a spinal injury, MS, CP, rehabilitating from surgery/illness.

Mostly chair based, some floor/mat work and standing for those that can. We breathe, improve posture, stretch, tone, move all joints, have fun, learn about yoga and we enjoy some relaxation and quiet time at the end of class.

Please contact Amanda if you would like to talk about the Adaptive Yoga Class and its suitability. Carers are encouraged to stay to assist their clients, with guidance or to simply stay and participate in the class, for free.