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8 years of yoga with Amanda
Monday Yoga

I started attending Amanda's Monday evening classes 8 years ago, having no prior experience of yoga at all, and it was one of the best choices I have ever made! Despite being a shaky wreck with minimal muscle tone at the time, Amanda made me feel like yoga was still accessible to me.

The class caters to all levels of experience and Amanda is able to confidently cater to the varying abilities and needs of each and every student, weaving it all seamlessly into an enjoyable, beneficial and enlightening class. Amanda is extremely knowledgeable about, and respectful of the history, traditions and beliefs related to yoga.

This class has helped me become a more energetic and healthy person and I would highly recommend it!  T.B.

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Yogaroma Student
1:1 Yoga / Pregnancy Yoga / General Yoga

A Yoga novice, I first came across Amanda when trying to find a pregnancy yoga class, having been advised by so many that yoga would be extremely beneficial during my pregnancy and help to prepare me for labour. I had heard that Amanda had an always oversubscribed class, and whilst I waited to join she offered me private tuition so that I could become familiar with the practise and experience the benefits before the next group class began.

After a gentle introduction it was immediately obvious how yoga can assist a pregnant woman to relax, breathe, anticipate and become stronger. Amanda was careful to obtain a full history of my pregnancy to date and each week and to address any issues or concerns that I had and make suggestions for ways to work safely and to my benefit. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and the positivity of the shared experience. In no small way I credit some of the speed and ease of my natural labour to the techniques Amanda taught and instilled in me.

I am now learning a very different side of yoga practise which is fascinating and a new challenge too. Amanda continues to tailor the class to the individual needs and abilities of the students within a themed framework, being patient, guiding and inspiring to us all.

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‘R’ from Saturday Morning Yoga

I have been going to yoga sessions with Amanda since four years plus now and I still can't stop thanking my stars for the day that I found her lovely classes!

Amanda's classes are fun, energetic and invigorating, and yet calming and relaxing. Amanda is sensitive to our individual needs while teaching us and encourages us to follow the pace of our own special bodies. We feel challenged without feeling pressurised. Even in the basic asanas, Amanda finds ways to make us work deeper and stronger when she feels we are ready. Classes always extend previous learning, and I love the new added twists to our regular postures every now and then!

I also did pregnancy yoga with Amanda till a week before my second baby was born. My practice helped me feel much stronger through this pregnancy compared to my first, yoga-less pregnancy. The pregnancy yoga exercises helped me tremendously to stay in control through my first stages of labour and my little one was out in 20 minutes once I was ready.

Amanda is such an inspired being- her enthusiasm is contagious! My personal favourite part of our classes is the beautiful philosophical touch (through poems, quotes and yoga literature) that makes Amanda's classes more than just about postures.

I happened to start yoga with Amanda at a time when I felt very low, and I can say for sure that week after week, my practice with her has helped feel more one with myself!

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Mum to ’S’ aged 7

'S' has been going to 1:1 sessions with Amanda for 2 years now as she was having difficulties concentrating at school and tended to get fidgety and distracted. I wanted to help improve her attention and focus as well as her self control and calmness. Amanda has amazing experience with children with special educational needs and was highly recommended to me. She quickly developed a really good rapport with S, who always looked forward to her sessions, and she was excellent at getting the most out of S, no matter how tired/distracted she may be. (-not an easy task!) S’s confidence, concentration and school performance have all improved significantly during the last 2 years and we have Amanda to thank for making a big contribution towards this.

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A proud beginner
Monday evening Yoga

I'm attending the weekly Monday evening class suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners for about three months now.  As a beginner I can honestly say that with Amanda's help I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my practice. It gives me great motivation through the week and I simply enjoy every minute of our classes - from the physical to the spiritual part.
I am grateful for getting a good stretch and Amanda's positive attitude towards life every week.

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Multi-level challenging
Tuesday Yoga

Amanda is a very knowledgeable and intuitive teacher. She leads a multi-level yoga class, each week's lesson carefully planned and unique. Her instructions are adapted to suit the abilities of each student. Her sequences are inspiring and challenging, but achievable.

Amanda shares her passion for meditation and yogic philosophy into a chosen theme for each term.

It's a pleasure to be in her class.   Marcia

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I feel better
Yogi Friends

It was just over three years ago I started attending the Tuesday evening classes and I feel so much better for doing them. Amanda is a  lovely yoga teacher and every term she has a theme that in some or another always resonates with me and helps me on my spiritual journey. I look forward to my Tuesday evenings to practice yoga and see my yogi friends 🙂

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Pregnancy Yoga
The Windmill Studios - Ruislip

Amanda's pregnancy yoga class was fantastic! Amanda is a great yoga teacher, and a mum, and created a very relaxing environment for us to prepare for what lay ahead!

The exercises, positions, breathing and relaxion we practised were very specific to helping us through pregnancy and labour.

I am pleased to report back that I had a drug free stress free birth and I'm certain my yoga really helped with that - thanks Amanda!

Would most definitely recommend these classes to any pregnant mums in the Ruislip/Hillingdon/Uxbridge area 🙂

Rachel (mum to two)

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Pregnancy Yoga
The Windmill Studio Centre

Netmums link here to testimonials for pregnancy yoga

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The male perspective
Yes blokes practice yoga!

Originally attending a drop-in class for injury prevention and to stretch the muscles to improve my running, I soon realised that there was so much more to Amanda’s yoga class.
I found that once on the yoga mat the relaxation and breathing techniques helped to relieve stress and calm the mind after a busy and pressurised day.
Amanda’s enthusiasm, passion and knowledge makes for a fascinating and challenging class. Every term I look forward to learning a new aspect of yoga.
Our weekly classes are always enjoyable and fun; you leave with a smile on your face and full of positive energy.
It’s nearly two years since my first drop-in class and I owe Amanda a great deal of gratitude for starting me on my yoga journey, who knows where it may lead.

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Pregnancy Yoga
Laura, new mum September 2016

As soon as my contractions started at home I immediately used a lot of the breathing skills learned in class to help me labour as much as possible at home. When at hospital and the birth pool was ready and I was fully dilated and getting a really strong sensation to push I found the birthing breath visualisation really helpful and I kept telling myself to "breathe baby out".
Easier said than done but our gorgeous daughter was born about 35 minutes later after getting into the pool.
I was so thrilled to have coped throughout the labour with no pain relief (except for the hot water of a shower and then in warmth of the birthing pool) - not even gas and air (I was worried it would make me sick, and then I would have had to get out of the pool). I'm sure this was down to the great breathing techniques you gave us and also the positions for birth, which felt comfortable and second nature (tell the ladies to practice them every day!!)

Thank you so much for everything you did in the classes - without the yoga there is no way I would have been able to have the birth I really wanted.
Laura - proud new mum

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Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga - Autumn 2016

Contractions started & I breathed them all out! The methods learned really helped me focus & I didn't scream once! It also really helped to keep me calm & focused. Thank you!!

Our baby boy is simply gorgeous & we love him to bits!

I sent the what's app group pictures.
Happy new mum Sarah

(at the end of each course you can join a WhatsApp group which is proving very successful for new friendships)

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Thank you!
from a long time student 'J'

Thank you so much for last nights yoga practice, I LOVED IT.   I felt so good afterwards.


Oct 2018

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Never looked back
6 years ago

A friend and I walked into Bailey Hall, Uxbridge over 6 years ago on a Tuesday evening; neither of us had practiced before and had no idea what to expect. I am delighted to say that I have never looked back; yoga has become a huge part of my life and I am forever grateful to Amanda.  She has taught me; alongside many others, not only the yoga postures but also the fascinating history and theory behind this ancient practice; including my mother! The lessons are adapted to all individuals and are also amazingly fun!


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Pregnancy Yoga – Ruislip Manor
Would highly recommend!

‘I joined Amanda’s pregnancy yoga classes after a recommendation from a friend.  The hour and a half every week has been amazing and something I look forward to, to have some me time and really slow down.  Amanda has great knowledge of how to adapt the exercises for different people and their needs.  I’ve learnt so much in the classes, from breathing techniques for different stages in labour, to useful positions for birth.  Amanda creates a lovely calm atmosphere and community for the women in the classes, which is great support throughout the pregnancy.  Would highly recommend!’