About Amanda Mackenzie

My yoga journey began in the UK in 2000 when I started to search for something new after being a ‘gym bunny’ and running for many years. I fell in love with yoga in my first class and it influenced my whole life for the better.

With the huge benefits I had continued to receive from a weekly yoga practice I was inspired to embark on more than two years study with my teacher Lesley Isaacson and I became a certified British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2008. I still attend weekly classes with Lesley and will forever be grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

I received what was to be a great blessing in my early teaching experience by taking over a yoga class for adults with disabilities in Uxbridge. I fully embraced this class teaching from my heart before seeking further specialist training. I was thankfully introduced to ‘Yoga for the Special Child’, first training with Jo Manuel, and then the founder, a gifted and humble teacher of Sonia Sumar. I am filled with huge gratitude to receive training with Sonia Sumar every year in London, Portugal and the motherland of yoga in sacred India.

Further training, courses and studies each year have included Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Adaptive Yoga with Matthew Sanford, Pregnancy yoga with Uma Disnmore-Tuli, plentiful and on-going Hatha yoga classes, workshops, courses and home practice.

I am the eternal student seeking to learn more and deepen my own practice so that I may continue to guide others on their yoga journey and that all student levels of learning are met, developed, inspired and challenged. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless.

amanda mackenzie yoga instructor

Amanda Mackenzie